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(1) A person who has interests or worked with study abroad agency, travel agency, guardian, foreign correspondent (If applying from overseas, person who has stayed overseas more than 3 years and willing to stay more than 5 years). (2) A person or company who can share ideas on business affiliations with internet, intranet, DB of study abroad, etc. (3) Study abroad agency, travel agency, school, private educational organization, company for affiliate marketing.
(1) Region

(1) Internal - Whole domestic region (2) Internationalpriority region ① The United States: New York, Boston, San Francisco,San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle ② Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary ③ United Kingdom: London ④ Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Melborne ⑤ New Zealand: Auckland, Christchurch ⑥ Japan: Tokyo, Osaka
Please inquire us with following direction and the person in charge will contact you. Additional documents such as introduction of the company (with representative's resume), personal resume or a letter of self-introduction, business plan and status can be asked when needed.
Please ask us if you have any questions.
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