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Private, Public School Info

Private, Public School Info australia

Private, Public School Info

Features of an institute affiliated with a college education

① It's located inside of the campus so student can use a library and gym.
② Student has lots of chances to get to communicate with local students about campus life as living in a dormitory with other students.
③ Student may audit classes.
④ Curriculum is covering on grammar, writing, reading, speaking and listening which is aimed for studying at college-level institution.
⑤ It's suitable for student who is planning for a long-term language course since a semester is more than a month.

Features of Private Language Study Abroad

① Has various programs such as regular, intensive, and advanced course.
② Normal institutes affiliated with a college education study hours are 20 hours per week. However, private language course has 20, 26, 28, 30-hour courses so students can choose various times to study.
③ Provides classes to prepare language exams such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge exam, business, and internship.
④ Class registration is available on every Monday and student can choose the date to start studying.
⑤ Private language institutions are usually located in downtown and its convenient with transportation.
⑥ Class is running with small groups and it's easier to communicate with the teacher often and has more chance to practice of speaking.
⑦ Classes are freer than colleges and easier to enjoy cultural events since it's located in downtown.
⑧ If register classes for long term, student may get some discounts on register fees.