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Junior japann program in japan

Junior japann program in japan Summer & winter

Summer Holiday Course in Tokyo

Over 15 years old (High School students or older).

The purpose of this course is to provide students with many chances to practice daily conversation for their spoken & listening skills to be brushed up! In the lessons, you will learn a lot of situational conversation that you may come across during your stay in Japan. This is the ideal course for students like you who would like to learn Japanese in a relatively short period of time.

2020 Summer Holiday Course in Japan

Course Date Term Level Application Deadline
Holiday Course 1 July 4 – August 1 4 weeks For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced April 20, 2020
Holiday Course 2 August 1 – August 22 3 weeks For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced June 19, 2020
Holiday Course 3 July 4 – August 22 7 weeks For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced April 20, 2020

Present: Yukata(Summer Kimono) for all participants!!
Activities are subject to change.
Over 15 years old (High School students or older).
Accommodation: Homestay (We can also arrange private dormitory or holiday apartment).
Inclement weather may affect certain outdoor activities and can be changed on the day of the activity.

With Homestay Without Homestay
Holiday Course 1 342,000 Yen 238,600 Yen
Holiday Course 2 325,000 Yen 241,200 Yen
Holiday Course 3 560,000 Yen 397,800 Yen
Fee Includes Registration fee, Tuition, Study material fee, Activity fee, Homestay arrangement fee, Homestay fee (including breakfast & dinner for weekdays, 3meals for weekends) , Airport pickup fee (for sending-off fee NOT included) Without Homestay arrangement fee, Homestay fee, Airport pickup fee
Cost not included Transportation Expenses (from house to school), Lunch Expenses (during weekdays)
Guest House / Rent
Guest House 25,000 YEN (Placement fee + Deposit)
Rent 65,000YEN~(Month)

Trip to Kyoto
Kyoto was Japan's capital for over a thousand years(794-1868) The 17 properties of UNESCO World Heritage Site are located in Kyoto.e.g.Kiyomizu-dera established in 778 and Kinkaku-ji(Golden Pavilion) was built in 1397.

2020 Course




Junior Japanese Summer couse

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