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Expatrio - Relocation made easy

Expatrio is a digital relocation platform for students, workers and expatriates that wish to live in Germany.

We built a customized solution allowing you to minimize bureaucratic processes associated with moving to Germany. Our service enables you to open blocked and current bank accounts and also secure the required insurances with trustworthy partners, such as Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), DR-WALTER, Monese, and others. Our solution is accepted and approved by Accepted worldwide by all German authorities.

'Sperrkonto (Blocked Bank Account in Germany)' Application Order for Study visa in Germany
Sperrkonto must deposit 10,236 euros a year and can be used upto 853 euros a month.

1. X-patrio platform allows you to calculate personalized amount of deposit of Sperrkonto

2. Apply for opening an account through X-patrio platform and upload the required documents such as a copy of your passport.

3. X-patrio will process your identity check and they will approve account. After that the Account Opening Confirmation Document with the account information will be sent.

4. You can transfer the Blocked Amount to the account on the document. – The final right of the amount deposited in Sperrkonto will be held by Accepted worldwide by all German authorities.

5. Blocked Amount Confirmation documents will be sent to you automatically when the deposit is confirmed.

6. With the above confirmation, you can go to the appropriate government office and proceed with the visa issuance.

7. Once you arrive in Germany, X-patrio will proceed with a second identification check and account activation based on the additional documents you sent.

8. X-patrio sends money from Sperrkonto to your German bank account by automatic transfer every month. You can also open a bank account in Germany with X-patrio.

10. If your visa is rejected or if you need to shorten or extend your Sperrkonto, or if you have any other problems, please contact our customer center at any time.