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Study Abroad Procedure

Study Abroad Procedure korea

Study Abroad Procedure

1.Study Abroad Time and Choice of Schools

Choose the time of study abroad based on personal purpose of language study abroad. Once student decided the country to study, choose the proper location and city to study. Choose a school consider with the institution's foundation (Public or private school) or ideal program with the best budget.

2. Apply for Admission

Once applicant chooses the institution to study abroad, the first step is filling out the application. To process the application, it's available at Studydestiny and able to submit the documents via online. At this time, depends on institution, required documents can be varied such as certificate of bank balances in korean, Copy of passport, an affidavit of support, diploma or proof of enrollment, transcript, a letter of self-introduction. The advisable time to apply for admission is 2months before the deadline for the application.

3. Transfer Tuition

The School will send the admission letter after the applicant transfers tuition. Tuition can be send by wire transfer or using credit card. Most of schools are allowing wire transfer. However, some schools don't allow paying with credit card. To send through a bank, applicant must bring passport and statement of tuition.

4. Acquiring Acceptance Letter

After applicant sends the tuition, the school will send an acceptance letter and it takes 2 to 4 weeks in general. To get a student visa, the acceptance letter is required and at this time. Make sure spelling of your name in korean, date of birth, period of study and other information are correct. If there's any wrong information, it needs to be renewed.

5. Apply for Visa and issue

Visa can be required based on the country and period of staying. Visa procedure can be different depends on countries. For example, The United States visa usually takes 2 to 3 days after the interview but some other countries might take 2 to 4weeks. If applicant needs to have an interview, make an appointment around the time when the acceptance letter would arrive. Some countries issue Visa only in those countries. In that case, the applicant needs to prepare the documents in Korea before entering the country. The basic documents are passport picture, copy of passport, diploma in korean or proof of enrollment, transcript, a copy of the resident registration in korean, certificate of bank balances in korean, etc.

6. Preparing before leaving

The Things you must prepare before student leaves the country are passport, boarding pass, acceptance letter, credit card, a traveler's check, medical insurance. If student is taking large numbers of luggage, please check the airline's luggage policy since airlines have different policies on number of luggage and weight. Also, to minimize the cultural difference as much as possible, it's good to look into information of the country, and city where student will study before departure.

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