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Pathways to University in Spain

Pathways to University in Spain Spain

Pathways to University in Spain

Pathways to University in Spain

Spain University Pathways

Unless you are a students from China or the European Union (EU) member countries, you need to take an entrance exam PAU (Prueba y Acceso a la Universidad) to go to universties in Spain. The exam takes place in June and cosistes of a series of tests covering a variety of subjects such as Spanish language and Literature, History, A foreign language and Geography.

- General exam, required
- Lengua castellana y literatura
- Lengua extranjera
- Historia de Espana

- Specialized exam
- Matematicas
- Matematicas aplicadas a las ciencia sociales
- Fundamentos de las artes
- Latin

- Additional subjects
To improve your grade on the entrance exam (and boost your chances of being admitted to a university), this option allows you to choose two subjects related to the studies you want to pursue: * Ciencias, ciencias de la salud y tecnologia:Biologia, quimica, matematicas, fisica. * Humanidades y sociales: Economia de la empresa, fundamentos de las artes, geografia, matematicas aplicadas a las ciencias sociales.

*To apply for our course, you will need to have a highintermediate or advanced level of Spanish (B2 to C2).

Enforex University Pathways Program in Barcelona

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