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Junior English program in malta

Junior English program in malta Summer & winter

Junior program in malta


This program fits to students who need to study for short period and preparing for long-term study, experiencing foreign history and culture. There are many kinds of programs with variomalta periods such as one-week program to few months. If you’re going for a short-term study abroad, you can learn languages from local life and be able to get opportunities to communicate with foreign languages with no fear as improving your language skills however, if you aren’t trying to communicate as much as possible with local people, language skill may not improve as much as you’re expecting. Many Korean students who study abroad, trying to cruise with only Korean people and speaking Korean only, and end up as no improvement on language skills. To master one language takes at least 1 year so it can be too difficult to make yourself to speak a fluent language from short-term study. This program is good for students who want to learn the basic of language, or focmaltaed on studying speaking. Especially, since Korean students are strong with grammar, most of students are aiming on speaking improvement from this program. The advantage of this program is it takes less time to prepare to go study abroad as some countries don’t require visa to study within 3 months.