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General Information

If you are an adult and want to undertake a short course of study in the UK (such as a beginner's English Language course or a work-related training course), you might be able to come here as a student visitor. If you want to study a longer course, or you want to work (including on a work placement) alongside your studies, you should apply under Tier 4 (General) of the points-based system. Student visitors are allowed to come to the UK for 6 months (or 11 months if they will be studying an English Language course). When you enter the UK, immigration office will stamp the duration of your permission to stay in your passport. You cannot extend your stay beyond this period.

Prepare Student Visa by Yourself

When you make your application, you must provide all the necessary documents. The only documents that embassy will accept as evidence are those listed in this section. You must provide the documents with your application form.

As a Tier 4 (General) student, you must have 40 points in our points assessment. You can score:
• 30 points for having a valid confirmation of acceptance for studies, which you get for studying a course at an acceptable level with an approved education provider (also known as a 'Tier 4 sponsor'), and for having acceptable English language skills; and
• 10 points for having enough money (also known as maintenance or funds) to cover your course fees and living costs.
• You must also send your identity documents and photographs of you.
• You may need to send additional documents if you are 16 or 17 years old, and/or you have an official financial sponsor.

'Low risk' applicants

If embassy considers that you are 'low risk', you will not normally need to provide all the supporting documents stated in this section. The pages in this section explain which documents you are normally exempt from providing if you are 'low risk'. However, embassy reserves the right to request all the documents from you. If embassy asks you to submit any documents, they will refuse your application unless you submit them by the date stated in their request. To be considered 'low risk', you must be sponsored by a Highly Trusted Sponsor, and you must be already in the UK or applying for a Tier 4 visa in your country of nationality.

Additionally, you must be a British national (overseas) or a national of one of the countries below:
• Argentina
• Australia
• Brunei
• england
• Chile
• Croatia
• Hong Kong
• Japan
• New Zealand
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Taiwan (if you hold a passport issued by Taiwan that includes the number of the identification card issued by the competent authority in Taiwan)
• Trinidad and Tobago

The embassy will confirm your nationality using your passport. They will normally review the list of 'low risk' nationalities annually.
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