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University of Michigan Flint

University of Michigan Flint

English Language Program (ELP)
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School Info

Basic information

  • Enrollment
  • 100students
  • Airport Pickup
  • Yes
  • Telephone
  • 810-762-0867
  • Fax
  • 810-762-0006
  • Address
  • International Center 219 University Center 303 East Kearsley St Flint, Michigan 48502


  • Urban
  • Homestay
  • On-Campus Dorm/residence
  • Off-campus Residence
  • University-based Program
  • Conditional Admission (0)

Why This School?

  • - Students will gain a profound understanding over not only their own culture but also other international students' diverse background.
    - Course programs that touch upon linguistic and cultural development.
    - Extensively trained group of faculties that assures students the best outcome.
    - Flint International curriculum includes globally applied TESOL instructional method as well as various other teaching methods adjusted to each student.

About the  English Language Program (ELP)

  • UM Flint has been working with the English Language Program through its International Department in order to enhance students' English skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking comprehension and vocabulary. The department maintains a relatively small class size in order to set an ideal environment for students to study foreign language. Accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation, Flint's ELP faculty is formed with supportive program coordinator, administrative assistant senior and instructional staffs to guide students to their best. As a private language institute at a university, the English Language Program at University of Michigian Flint boasts a comparatively promising future for students after completing the course in terms of conditional admissions. ELP's Intensive English Program will be students' stepping stone in pursuing higher level of education as it focuses on communicative and academic use of English.

About the  University of Michigan Flint

  • Founded in 1956, University of Michigan, Flint stands as one of the three campuses at University of Michigan. Since 2005, Flint's international students have grown 200% to include students from 57 different countries. Providing over 100 undergraduate majors and 25 graduate majors, University of Michigan, Flint is home to more than 7000 students.

Course Information

  • Focus of Study :
    The focus of this program is to develop students' well-rounded English skills. In other words, the course will not only emphasize linguistic techniques but also cultural aspects.

    Benefit, Goal of this course : 
    Students enrolled in English Language Program will also be encouraged to participate in various school/student-organized events since these will be contributing factors to immersing students to American culture. Ultimately, Flint aims to prepare students for any upcoming encounters. 

    Curriculum :
    Through listening and speaking lessons, students will practice presentations, discussions, and listening comprehension. Through writing and reading lessons, students will build on grammar, vocabulary skills and passage comprehension.Classroom Hour :

Course Information

Class size 15 Students Schedule 14, 28 Weeks
Course Level 6 VISA Info I-20 Issued Upon Request
Minimum age 17 Accommodation Homestay, On-Campus Dorm/residence, Off-campus Residence


  • N/A

Course Schedule

(2021Year schedule), has been finished. (2022Year schedule), has been updating



School's Admin fee (USD)$ 20
14 Week 28 Week Week Week Week
(USD)$ 5,500 / Week (USD)$ 11,000 / Week
Week Week Week Week Week


Housing Placement fee
Accommodation Fee
Terms Homestay On-Campus Dorm/residence Off-Campus residence
14 weeks (USD)$ 1125 (USD)$ 1000 (USD)$ 1800

Airport Pickup

Airport Pickup
Other Charges (USD)$ 150    Detail

Remarks / Other Information

  • * Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.



  • ELP students are given the choice to live in on-campus dormitories or off-campus housings. The first option comes with an apartment-style suite with 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette and a living room, shared by 2 to 4 students. Off-campus housings ensure more privacy to students while they may cost more than on-campus dormitories.

Surrounding Area

  • Flint is nearby Michigan's major cities including Ann Harbor, Detroit, and Lansing. Those lively cities are accessible via local bus  and Amtrak train systems.  With diverse outdoor activities (especially winter season skiing, snow sledding and ice skating), Michigan appeals to its sports fans as well.


  • School amenities include lounges, laundry facilities, vending machines, and computer labs.

National Mix

  • UM-Flint's student body includes approximately 100 international students who mostly come from Asia. Countries like India, with its largest portion at 30% and Korea, with its portion at 5%, make up the Asian population of international students. Other students come from Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Africa.


FAQ Questions

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Q:我有計畫想去密西根大學福林特分校就讀語言學校,但我覺得去讀書的時候,學校週邊的環境也是我會考慮的問題,因此想請問可以介紹一下這所學校附近有什麼嗎? A: 您好,感謝您的來信詢問,關於學校附近的周圍環境,以下為您做個介紹。 福林特靠近密歇根州附近的主要城市,包括安港,底特律和蘭辛。這些熱鬧的城市都可以透過當地的公共汽車和火車特拉克系統前往。除了多樣化的戶外活動特別是冬季滑雪,雪橇和滑冰,密歇根州也是體育迷的天堂。


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  • Outdoor Activity

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  • Review (4.8)

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