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Junior English program in US

Junior English program in US Summer & winter

Junior US English camp program

13-17 Junior Best University Camp program from Summer July - Aug

Yale University

Georgetown University

UC Berkeley

University of San Diego

USA English Camps for Teens
For International Teens (13-17 years old)
Student visa not required
CISL International Junior Programs offer:
Summer English camps for teens at Loyola University Chicago, Yale University, Georgetown University, Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles), University of California Berkeley, and the University of San Diego
Winter (January) and summer English language programs for teens in San Diego (homestay) and San Francisco (residence)
The opportunity to live and study at some of the most prestigious and beautiful campuses in the U.S.
Small English classes for teens (maximum 10 / average 8 students per class) to ensure more speaking time and individual attention for each student
Rigorous academic program that focuses on speaking and the arts, test preparation strategies, STEM subject introduction, and leadership topics
Diverse classrooms with students from around the world
Afternoon activities and one full day excursion per week that immerse students in American culture (included in cost)
Homestay or residential accommodations (depending on the program)
A trusted program from a leader in language learning. Established in 1972, Converse International School of Languages is recognized throughout the world as a leader for effective English training

•20 lessons per week
•2 program-specific Cultural Workshops per week
•Maximum 10 students per class
•Fast-paced, exciting classes with valuable course
content that builds confidence
•Five half-day excursions/activities per week + 1 full day excursion
•21 meals per week for campus programs (meal money provided during off-campus activities/ excursions as well)
CISL Programs for ages 13 to 17 feature two, three, or four week course options which include engaging English classes, Cultural Workshops, daily afternoon activities, full-day excursions, room and board and 24-hour supervision.

14 meals per week for January Homestay program, 13 meals per week for San Francisco January Residence program and 20 meals per week for USD Homestay program
•10:1 student: adult ratio in accommodations (campus programs) and on activities/excursions
•Diverse mix of nationalities from every corner of the globe
•Accredited by the Commission for English Language Accreditation (CEA)

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CISL Junior Programs

CISL Sanfrancisco

LOCATION Yale University, Georgetown University, UC Berkeley, University of San Diego

CISL Junior Programs

CISL Sandiego

LOCATION Yale University, Georgetown University, UC Berkeley, University of San Diego