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Montana State University

Montana State University

INTERLINK at Montana State University
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School Info

Basic information

  • Enrollment
  • 120students
  • Airport Pickup
  • Yes
  • Telephone
  • +1 206-217-9644
  • Fax
  • +1 206-217-9643
  • Address
  • INTERLINK Language Center 330 Culbertson Hall P.O. Box 170550 Bozeman, MT 59717-0550 USA


  • Rural
  • Homestay
  • On-Campus Dorm/residence
  • Private language institute (at University)

Why This School?

  • - Over 35 years experience in English language instruction
    - Safe, caring, supportive environment for students to learn and succeed
    - A.C.E. offers several elective courses to help students prepare for English proficiency exams such as the TOEFL®, IELTS® and TOEIC.

About the  INTERLINK at Montana State University

  • For over 35 years, A.C.E. has been a leader in intensive English language instruction. ACE is a non-profit organization dedicated to international education and are proud to have helped tens of thousands of students from around the world achieve their goals while studying at ACE Language Institutes. The mission of the Associates in Exchange (A.C.E.) Language Institute at Montana State University is to prepare students linguistically and culturally for their educational and professional pursuits as well as providing opportunities for personal growth. A.C.E., founded as American Cultural Exchange, is a not-for-profit. Since its founding, Associates in Cultural Exchange has been working to make the world students' community by helping people and organizations around the world, creating new connections and building interpersonal networks with those of other language and cultural backgrounds.

About the  Montana State University

  • Montana State University ranks in the top tier of all research universities in the U.S. and specializes in sciences and engineering. Located in scenic Bozeman, Montana, MSU is close to famous Yellowstone National Park. The Carnegie Foundation ranks MSU in the top tier of Research Universities, demonstrating very high research activity, along with Harvard, Yale and MIT. MSU offers over 100 undergraduate degrees, 50 master's degree programs and 27 doctoral degrees programs. With average class size of 36 students and student/Faculty Ratio of 17:1, students can interact with instructors more freely. MSU is known for one of the best Nursing programs in the USA (Nursing graduates have a 94% pass rate on the nursing exam) and MSU Film school is one of the top film schools in the USA and the only one offering a Masters Degree in Natural History Filmmaking. The College of Business is accredited by AACSB, the top accreditation worldwide for Business Schools. Only 15% of Business Schools are accredited worldwide.

Course Information

  • Focus of Study and Benefits:
    ACE''s Intensive English Program is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succed academiccally in a American college or university, professionally in individual's career field and socially. In a small classroom setting of 10 to 15 people, students can interact with instructors more freely both inside and outside of classroom. The program primarily focuses on Reading, Writng, Listening and Speaking

    Curriculum :
    ACE''s Intensive Program is designed for students who want to progress rapidly and see immediate results. Classes are held 20 hours per week with extra 4 to 10 hours ofe elective classes per week. The Intensive Program is the only option for students with an F-1 student visa. Based on their placement test results, students are placed in 6 levels of English instructions. ACE International College offers a variety of programs suited to different lifestyles
    Classroom Hour :
    Listening, Communication & Grammar M/W/F: 8-9:20 am T/Th: 8-10:20 am Reading, Writing, & Grammar M/W: 11 am - 1:20 pm T/Th: 11:30 am-1:50 pm Optional Elective M/W/F: 9:30-10:20 am T/Th: 10:30-11:20 am Optional Elective M/W: 1:30-2:35 pm T/Th: 2-3 pm

Course Information

Class size 12 Students Schedule 9, 18 Weeks
Course Level 6 level VISA Info I-20 Issued Upon Request
Minimum age 18 Accommodation Homestay, On-Campus Dorm/residence


  • N/A

Course Schedule

2021-10-18 2021-08-16 2021-06-01 2021-03-22
※ From the Course Starting Dates 9, 18Weeks(month) Choose



School's Admin fee (USD)$ 100
9 Week 18 Week Week Week Week
(USD)$ 3,150 (USD)$ 6,200
Week Week Week Week Week


Housing Placement fee (USD)$ 250
Accommodation Fee
Terms Homestay On-Campus Dorm/residence Off-Campus residence
7 weeks (USD)$ 1800

Airport Pickup

Airport Pickup (USD)$ 50
Other Charges (USD)$ 455    Detail

Remarks / Other Information

  • * Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.



  • Students may choose to live with a host family, in a campus dorm, or in an apartment off or on campus.Dormitories are very clean, modern and convenient (near your classes). Students will live in the same dorm as American students and will be able to practice their English every day and make friends. Students can choose to live with one or more other students. ACE's Homestay families are fantastic and have many years of experience helping international students. Living in a homestay will teach students about U.S. daily life and culture. Host family will help students adjust to their new life in the US and will treat them as a member of the family, not as a guest in a hotel. Host provides a furnished bedroom, meals, use of household items (such as washer, dryer, linens), and telephone for local calls. Also, all A.C.E. Language Institutes have apartments close to them that are reasonably priced, safe, and convenient.

Surrounding Area

  • A.C.E. Language Institute at Montana State University is located in Bozeman, Montana, a university town in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Bozeman, Montana is a university town in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. In the summer, students enjoy hiking, canoeing, fishing, white water rafting, and visits to Yellowstone National Park. In the winter, students often spend free time skiing or snowboarding at resorts just 30 minutes from town.


  • Residence halls, an apartment building, a townhouse complex, a student center, classroom, administrative buildings, athletics center, dining hall, library, chapel, friary, and maintenance buildings are located on the campus.


  • Cultural and social activities are an important part of a student's education and English language learning experience. That is why each A.C.E. institute plans regular activities and trips for students to participate in and practice their English. Activities may include going to sporting events, outdoor activities, movie nights, game nights, visits to local cultural attractions and more! A.C.E. also has an optional Language and Culture Partners Program which matches students with an American partner so they can practice English and exchange cultural perspectives.

Top Native Language by Center

  • The A.C.E. Center at Montana State University has hosted thousands of students from around the world. Recently, the majority of students come to the school from China (30%), Kazakhstan (10%), Saudi Arabia (10%) and Japan/Korea (5%). Students also come to A.C.E. from countries in Latin America (5%), Europe (3%) and others.



FAQ Questions

Contact the school
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Q: 請問語言學校住宿的相關問題? A: 感謝您的詢問,為您說明如下: 學生可以選擇住在寄宿家庭,校園宿舍,公寓或是校園外。宿舍非常乾淨,現代,便捷(靠近教室)。 學生將與美國學生住在同一個宿舍,能夠每天練習英語和認識朋友。學生可以選擇與一位或者多位學生居住。 ACE 的寄宿家庭都是良好並具有多年接待國際學生的經驗。住在寄宿家庭會教導學生有關美國日常生活和文化。 寄宿家庭將幫助學生適應在美國的新生活,並將學生視為家庭的一員,而不是在酒店的一位客人。提供附設家具的臥室,餐廳, 使用居家物品(如洗衣機,乾衣機,床單),撥打本地電話。此外,所有 A.C.E.語言學院提供價格合理, 安全方便並靠近校園的公寓給學生。


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  • Outdoor Activity

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