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Michigan State University (MSU)

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Michigan State University (MSU)

Michigan State University (MSU)

English Language Center
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School Info

Basic information

  • Enrollment
  • 100students
  • Airport Pickup
  • Yes
  • Telephone
  • 517-353-0800
  • Fax
  • 517-432-1149
  • Address
  • 744 Red Cedar Road A-714 Wells Hall East Lansing , MI , 48824-1027


  • Suburban
  • On-Campus Dorm/residence
  • Off-campus Residence
  • University-based Program
  • Conditional Admission (0)

Why This School?

  • - Michigan State University is located near by Mackinac Island, the city of Chicago and Niagara Falls in Canada.
    - Students can be accepted to MSU with minimum TOEFL scores of 45 iBT
    - Students have access to Michigan State University's all campus facilities.

About the  English Language Center

  • Established in 1961 as a unit of the Department of English and the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University, the English Language Center (ELC) provides instruction to international students who need to improve their English language skills before beginning academic course work. The ELC serves the international community by providing English language instruction against a backdrop of American life and academia. ELC offers Intensive English program for those who seek to gain English skills in short amount of time with maximum profits. Michigan State University is located in a beautiful town of East Lansing, surrounded by lakes and natural beauty. Students can enjoy the serenity of nature outside of classroom settings.

About the  Michigan State University (MSU)

  • Michigan State University (MSU) is a public research university located in East Lansing, Michigan, United States and is the first land-grant institution that was created to serve as a model for future land-grant colleges in the country under the 1862 Morrill Act.MSU pioneered the studies of packaging, hospitality business, supply chain management, and telecommunication. Today its study-abroad program is the largest of any single-campus university in the country, offering more than 200 programs in more than 60 countries on all continents including Antarctica.It is considered to be one of America's Public Ivy universities, which recognizes top public research universities in the United States. Today, MSU is the eighth-largest university in the United States, with 47,800 students and 2,954 faculty members. The school's nuclear physics, economics, engineering, business, education, osteopathic medicine, political science, journalism,packaging, fisheries and wildlife, forestry, and criminal justice programs are among the nation's best. East Lansing is very much a college town, with 60.2% of the population between the ages of 15 and 24. Yet despite the size and extent of on-campus housing, the residence halls are complemented by a variety of housing options. 58% of students live off-campus, mostly in the areas closest to campus, in either apartment buildings, former single-family homes, fraternity and sorority houses, or in a co-op.

Conditional admission

  • Students with TOEFL scores of 45 iBT, 133 CBT, or 450 PBT can be given conditional admission to Michigan State University.

Course Information

  • Focus of Study : 
    This program is designed for any international students who need to improve their English language skills before beginning academic coursework; individuals who are not seeking a degree at MSU but who want to improve their English skills. Such students can apply directly to the ELC or may enroll through the Eurocentres program.

    Benefit, Goal of this course : 
    Both academically and non-academically bound students can take this program. 

    Curriculum : 
    Students can chose the lenght of the course based on their needs. Ranging from six different levels from beginning to advanced, program has 10 to 15 students in each class. The course sets its minimum age as 18 years old.  Courses provides instruction in English grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and special content-based courses.  The program provides the equivalent of 18-20 hours of instruction per week which includes specially designed seminars; and coordinates cultural enrichment activities and field trips.

    Classroom Hour :
    18-20 perweek

Course Information

Class size 10-15 Students Schedule 11, 15 Weeks
Course Level 6level VISA Info I-20 Issued Upon Request
Minimum age 18 Accommodation On-Campus Dorm/residence, Off-campus Residence


  • N/A

Course Schedule

2025-01-06 2024-08-28
※ From the Course Starting Dates 11, 15Weeks(month) Choose



School's Admin fee (USD)$ 150
11 Week 15 Week Week Week Week
(USD)$ 7,150 (USD)$ 8,255
Week Week Week Week Week


Housing Placement fee
Accommodation Fee
Terms Homestay On-Campus Dorm/residence Off-Campus residence

Airport Pickup

Airport Pickup
Other Charges

Remarks / Other Information

  • * Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.



  • 1. Tuition and double room university accommodation in a campusResidence Hall . Shower/WC on same floor. This includes the Silver Meal Plan, which is an unlimited meal plan, and allows students to have as many meals as they like from 7:00 a.m. until late night 7 days a week. (Includes Compulsory Health Insurance)

     2. Tuition and single room accommodation in Owen Graduate Center . Two rooms share a bathroom. Fall and Spring Semester: meal credits are included in the price as well as 75 meals anywhere on campus. In general school suggests a weekly minimum of USD 70 extra to cover the total cost of meals. Students cannot live here unless 21 years old. (Includes Compulsory Health Insurance)

Surrounding Area

  • The English Language Center is part of Michigan State University, which is located in East Lansing, in the Southern portion of the state. East Lansing is a short car ride from other Michigan cities and is surrounded by lakes and natural beauty. It is also conveniently situated for excursions to popular tourist attractions such as Mackinac Island, the city of Chicago, and Niagara Falls in Canada.


  • Basketball courts, cafeteria, computer center, fitness center, gymnasium, language technology center, library, music practice room, Racquetball/Squash courts, Recreational park, running track, snack bar, soccer field, swimming pool, tennis court, wheelchair accessible

National Mix

  • Nationalities of students include Korean(30%), Japanese(15%), Taiwan(5%),Latin American and European. The percentage may vary each month.


FAQ Questions

Contact the school
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Q: 請問語言學校住宿的相關問題? A: 感謝您的詢問,為您說明如下: 1.住在大學校園學生宿舍的雙人房。同一樓層使用淋浴間/廁所。包括銀膳食安排,這是沒有時間限制的膳食計劃,從上午7:00 提供到深夜,盡可能使學生享有最多的食物。 (包括強制醫療保險) 2.在在歐文研究生中心的單人房。兩個房間共用一個衛生間/廁所。秋季和春季學期:在校園中的任何地點享有膳食計畫,都包含在75美元中。學校建議每週最少花 70美元的支付額外的膳食費用。未滿21 歲的學生不能住在這裡。 (包括強制醫療保險)


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  • Classquality

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  • School Facility, atmosphere

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  • Faculty&school's counselor

  • Review (5)
  • Outdoor Activity

  • Review (4)
  • Accommodation quality

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  • Review (4.8)

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