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American Language Program (ALP)
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School Info

Basic information

  • Enrollment
  • 350students
  • Airport Pickup
  • No
  • Telephone
  • 212-854-3584
  • Fax
  • 212-932-7651
  • Address
  • Lewisohn Hall, Room 504 Mail Code 4113 2970 Broadway New York , NY , 10027


  • Urban
  • Homestay
  • On-Campus Dorm/residence
  • Off-campus Residence
  • University-based Program

Why This School?

  • - College Class Visits
    - Student Residence ( on campus)
    - Free Access to campus facilities
    - High reputation from students
    - Popular Intensive English

About the  American Language Program (ALP)

  • The American Language Program (ALP), founded in 1911, is one of the oldest programs in English as a second language in the United States. Its mission is to offer high-quality academic language courses and other academic support for full-time language students and international students in degree programs at Columbia University. The ALP course work is designed to develop students’ grammatical skills, fluency and pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension, and writing ability. American Language Program's accreditation member, AAIEP promotes and supports ethical and professional standards for intensive English programs in the U.S. since 1986; communicates and champions the value of English language study. ALP faculty members , as a either master's or doctorate in applied linguistics, apply their method of English teaching taught abroad to students in a more interesting and proficient ways. Students can chose from Full-time intensive course for student's improvement in general English for personal or career goals or from Advanced Academic Preparation for those who plan to study an undergraduate or graduate degree program in the United States. As one of the most prestigious school in the United States, Columbia University offers academic environment and rich tradition of Ivy league school. Along with academic gains, students can also enjoy the vibrant and culturally diverse New York City and all the attractions the city holds.

About the  Columbia University

  • Founded in 1754, Columbia University is a member of the Ivy League, a group of eight of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the United States. In 1897, the university moved from Forty-ninth Street and Madison Avenue, where it had stood for forty years, to its present location on Morningside Heights at 116th Street and Broadway. Seth Low, the president of the University at the time of the move, sought to create an academic village in a more spacious setting. Charles Follen McKim of the architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White modeled the new campus after the Athenian agora. The Columbia campus comprises the largest single collection of McKim, Mead & White buildings in existence.The architectural centerpiece of the campus is Low Memorial Library, named in honor of Seth Low's father. Built in the Roman classical style, it appears in the New York City Register of Historic Places. The building today houses the University's central administration offices and the visitors center.A broad flight of steps descends from Low Library to an expansive plaza, a popular place for students to gather, and from there to College Walk, a promenade that bisects the central campus.

Conditional admission

  • Students who want to attend an academic program in addition to the ALP may apply to take selected University courses once they have developed an advanced level of English. No conditional admission to the university is available.


Course Information

  • Focus of Study : 
    English grammar, pronunciation, fluency, listening and reading comprehension, and writing.

    Benefit, Goal of this course : 
    These courses help students develop grammatical accuracy, pronunciation, fluency, listening and reading comprehension, and writing ability.

    Curriculum : 
    Full time Intensive English course is designed to help students who want to gain general English skills in the shortest amount of time in the most productive ways. This 14 week course held in Spring and Fall is divided to 10 levels with 14 to 18 students in each class. The minimum age requirement for this course is 17. The program focuses on English grammar, pronunciation, speaking and writing fluency, listening and reading comprehension and writing. 

    Classroom Hour :
    Classes may fall between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Course Information

Class size 14-18 Students Schedule 14 Weeks
Course Level 10 levels VISA Info I-20 Issued Upon Request
Minimum age 17 Accommodation Homestay, On-Campus Dorm/residence, Off-campus Residence


  • N/A

Course Schedule

2025-01-13 2024-09-02
※ From the Course Starting Dates 14Weeks(month) Choose



School's Admin fee (USD)$ 150
14 Week Week Week Week Week
(USD)$ 11,064
Week Week Week Week Week


Housing Placement fee
Accommodation Fee
Terms Homestay On-Campus Dorm/residence Off-Campus residence
2 weeks (USD)$ 616
4 weeks (USD)$ 792
7 weeks (USD)$ 2016
12 weeks (USD)$ 4320

Airport Pickup

Airport Pickup
Other Charges (USD)$ 575    Detail

Remarks / Other Information

  • * Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.

Course Information

  • Focus of Study :
    This seven-week intensive course is designed for students who plan to enter an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a university in the United States. It will prepare students for university-level academic study.

    Benefit, Goal of this course :
    Seven-week course for students who have immediate plans to enter a degree program in the U.S.

    Curriculum :
    Advanced Academic Preparation is a program designed for students who plan to study in a college or university in the United States. Divided in 8 levels with 14 to 18 students with age of over 17 in each class, the program offers academic writing skills including academic essay format, summarizing skills, vocabulary building and awareness of plagiarism and academic honesty. To be better prepared for higher education rather than just English language it self, students will also be introduced to research skills by using Columbia University's libraries; improve discussion skills through class debates and discussions; improve presentation skills including pronounciation, vocal projection and appropriate body language; college level note taking skills to follow up on lectures and listening through live lectures of guest speakers and recordings of Columbia professor's class discussions. 

    Classroom Hour :
    Classes may begin as early as 9:00 AM and end as late as 6:00 PM Monday through Friday

Course Information

Class size 14-18 Students Schedule 7 Weeks
Course Level 8 level VISA Info I-20 Issued Upon Request
Minimum age 17 Accommodation Homestay, On-Campus Dorm/residence, Off-campus Residence


  • TOEFL: 575 (PBT), 230 (CBT) or 89 (iBT)

Course Schedule

※ From the Course Starting Dates 7Weeks(month) Choose



School's Admin fee (USD)$ 150        Detail
7 Week Week Week Week Week
(USD)$ 7,376
Week Week Week Week Week


Housing Placement fee
Accommodation Fee
Terms Homestay On-Campus Dorm/residence Off-Campus residence
7 Weeks (USD)$ 2332

Airport Pickup

Airport Pickup
Other Charges

Remarks / Other Information

  • * Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.



  • American Language Program (ALP) students may choose from a number of housing options like Columbia University UAH Housing(Carlton), Off-Campus Housing apartment. The ALP may provide students with information about available private off-campus apartments ALP students.

    The Carlton Arms (362 Riverside Drive at 109th Street New York, New York 10027 )
    Students can live at a university residence which is located 7 blocks away from the ALP building. Average of 6 to 12 students live together. Each room is a double room and students will use bathroom and kitchen with other housemates. Single bed, desk, chair and desk lights are provided. Students need to bring their own linens and towels. Laundry facilities located at the basement of the building are available.
    Students must complete and send the registration forms before the deadline of accommodation registration. Some residences have air-conditioning facilities and students can make payment on the day of their arrival or via bank tranfers.
    Check-in hours for weekdays are 9 am to 3 pm, and 12 pm for Saturdays. Students need to hand in 2 passport photos. If arrived after the check-in hours. Students need to buy their airline tickets in accordance with their check-in dates, or stay temporarily at a hotel or other accommodation.
    The check-in date for students starting their course in August 2014 is August 28th and the check-out date is December 6th.
     * Student residence fees: Deposit : $ 300 ( must be paid via bank transfer) Students can stay at a student residence within the course dates but if students register in person at the school, they can stay between the sessions at the cost of $40 per day. 

    Off Campus Housing
    The De Hirsch Residence
      ( 22 minutes of walk to the school, clean and popular to students
     Large Single Room: 
    $1,750/monthSingle Room: $1,650/monthDouble Room: $1,400/month for one person (students can share the room with one more person if they are 28 years old or below)
    Small Double Room: $1300/month for one person (prices of January 2012)  

    Sara’s Homestay Amsterdam Residence
     ( 1. Homestay (prices vary between $900 to $1500 depending on the season-Manhattan standards)
    2. Student accommodation (bathroom and kitchen used with other students) over $401 per week, prices vary depending on the number of bed
     3. Studio apartments (fully furnished room with private bathroom and kitchen) can stay with 1 other person, over $2500 per month  *$150 registration fee, $250 additional deposit

     The 1760 Third Avenue Residence (‐3rd‐avenue‐residence) 
    From $2000 to $3000 per month, 19 story building at the heart of Manhattan, located near Central Park and museums

     Off-Campus Housing Assistance
    Located at Metropolitan, students can have more information with their school ID and password

Surrounding Area

  • Columbia’s campus is situated on Broadway in the lively neighborhood of Morningside Heights. A ten-minute subway ride from midtown Manhattan, Morningside Heights offers all the amenities of a college town—cafés, bookstores, diners, shops, and restaurants—while still maintaining the distinct urban appeal of a New York City neighborhood. A number of other major educational and cultural institutions call Morningside Heights home, including Barnard College, the Manhattan School of Music, Teacher’s College, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine


  • Columbia offers the unique experience of a true college campus in the middle of New York City. Designed and built a century ago by the renowned architectural firm McKim, Mead, and White, Columbia’s 36-acre campus boasts some of the most beautiful and impressive architecture in the city. The campus functions as both academic village and relaxing public space—housing one of the largest library systems in the country, computer laboratories, classrooms, dormitories, athletic facilities, student spaces, and beautifully landscaped grounds. The wide steps of Low Library—named one of 63 Great American Public Places—are a natural spot for meeting between classes.

Top Native Language by Center

  • The nationality and age mix ; varies over different time periods, courses and levels.students from Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey account for 90% of the ALP student population.

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FAQ Questions

Contact the school
Image 2014-02-18 15:58:12


콜럼비아 대학교 어학연수에 대한 궁금증
콜럼비아 대학교 어학연수에 대하여 알아보던 중, 궁금증이 생겨서 문의 드립니다.
콜럼비아 대학교 어학연수 프로그램은 월요일에서 금요일까지 이루어 지며 오전 9시 부터 오후 6시까지 이루어 진다고 되어있는데 실질적인 수업 시간은 하루에 몇시간이나 되는지 알고 싶습니다. 
예를 들어 점심시간 같은 수업외 시간을 제외하고 정말로 시행되는 수업시간 말입니다. 
그리고 저는 콜럼비아 대학교 프로그램중 12주 프로그램을 선택하고 싶은데 
그러면 이에 해당하는 금액은 한달(4주)에 $2912로 계산하여 12주면 $8736을 예상하면 되는 건가요? 
그리고 숙박시설에는 학교내 UAH주택시설을 이용하면 된다고 되어있던데 
UAH 숙박시설은 학교 기숙사를 칭하는 것인가요?

질문의 내용을 보니 상당히 꼼 꼼 한 학생이구요. 좋은 질문 하셨어요. 수업시간은 6시까지 이지만 본인의레벨에 따라 수업시간이 다르며 주당 18시간으로 되어있습니다. 과제가 너무 많아 학생들이 하루 종일 공부를 하게 합니다. 특히 한국학생의 경우에는 서울대 연대 고대 이대생들이 많았습니다. 특히 인기가 많아 조기 마감이 되니 서둘러 신청 하셔야 합니다. 작년에도 많은 학생이 등록을 못했엇습니다. 비용은 Tuition fee $ 8736, SCE Activity fee $ 30, Instreuctional supporting fee $90, Health service fee $ 429, Medical insurance $1399입니다.
 숙소는 기숙사가 맞으며 어학 연수 센터에서 약 7블럭 떨어져 있으며 취사 시설 완비 되어 있습니다.
 기숙사 신청서는 아직 2014년 1월 은 아직 나오지 않았지만 작년 기준 마감일이 11월16일이었으며 기숙사 신청 deposit $300: 이금액은 기숙사비의 일부보증금입니다.  (은행 송금으로 올해 바뀌었습니다), 여권사진 2장과 신청서입니다. 신청서를 넣어주시면 즉시 신청해서 빠르게 해 드리겟습니다
 구비서류: 영문 잔고증명 $17000 이상, 여권사본, 신청료 $150 + 수업료 일부 보증금 $350 입니다. 참조하세요

Image 2014-02-18 16:01:57


미국 콜럼비아 대학교 어학연수에 대한 궁금증
Tuition fee $ 8736, SCE Activity fee $ 30, Instructional supporting fee $90, Health service fee $ 429, Medical insurance $1399 에서 instructional supporting fee와 SCE activity fee무엇인가요? 이 금액은 12주를 기준으로 측정된 금액인가요?
이 금액을 모두 합치면 $1068가 됩니다. 그런데 사이트에 나와있는 2014년 1월 22일~2014 05월 02일에 해당하는 학비+ 학교 등록비는 $9424 라고 되어있는데 둘의 차이는 무엇일까요? 
기숙사 신청 deposit $300: 이금액은 기숙사비의 일부보증금입니다  $300를 학교로 송금해야하는 건가요? 
그럼 제가 12주동안에 해당하는 기숙사비는 얼마를 예상해야 할까요? 
그리고 저는 구비서류가 영문 잔고증명 $17000  이상, 여권사본, 신청료 $150 + 수업료 일부 보증금 $350  이렇게 되어있던데 여기서 신청료는 무엇이며 수업료 일부보증금은 기숙사비 일부보증금과 함께 학교로 송금해야 하는 건가요? 
그리고 저는 미국비자를 받아야하는데 1월달에 시작하는 프로그램에 참여하고 싶다면 일단 콜럼비아 대학교에 어학연수를 신청한후 입학허가서(I-20)를받고 미국 비자를 받아야 하는 건가요? 
지금 시작하면 늦은 건가요? 
그리고 어학연수 입학허가서 신청은 지금 이사이트(데스티니)내에 있는 지원하기를 누르고 저의 정보를 등록하면 해당학교에 입학허가서 신청이 완료 된것인가요? 제가 따로 당장 해야 할일은 무엇이 있을까요? 
제가 1월에 시작하는 프로그램을 가고 싶은데 그에 비해 어학연수 신청과정에 대하여 아는 것이 너무 없어서 꼼꼼하게 대답해 주시길 부탁드리겠습니다. 그리고 저는 미국에 1년간 어학연수를 가고 싶은데 지금 콜럼비아 대학교 프로그램은 최대 12주 인것 같은데 그럼 저는 12주가 끝나면 다시 다른학교나 콜럼비아대학교 어학연수프로그램에 입학허가서를 신청하면 되는 건가요? 
그리고 미국 비자를 지금 신청하면 12주에 해당하는 학생비자가 나오는 것인가요? 
제가 어학연수를 1년을 계획하고 있는데 미국 비자를 한번 받아놓으면 얼마정도의 기간 동안 사용가능한것인가요? 
죄송해요 제가 물어볼께 너무 많네요ㅠㅠ 혼자서 한번도 가보지 않은 미국이라는 나라에 어학연수를 준비하다보니 궁금한게 너무 많아서요ㅠㅠ! 지난번에 답변해주신것은 너무 감사했어요 이번에도 구체적 답변 부탁드려요

1. COLUMBIA 수업료는 제가 적어 드린게 정확합니다. (사이트 홍보에는 보험료. 기타 비용이 적혀 있지않기때문에 혼동을 하기 쉬우셨을겁니다) ) COLUMBIA 는 보험에 대해 STRICT 한룰을 가지고 있어 학교보험이 MANDATORY 라고 생각하시면 됩니다. 특히 뉴욕은 다른주보다 지켜야 할 RULE이 많습니다. ^^
 2. instructional supporting fee와 SCE activity fee 는 COLUMBIA FACILITIES ( 예를 들어 도서관, 헬쓰장, 카페테리아 모든 시설) ACADEMIC ADVISING ,ACTIVITY (방과 후 활동) 이런것이 포함 되어 있습니다.  이 비용은 다른 학교의 경우에는 STUDENT FEE 로 표시됩니다
 3. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 는 신청료 ($150) 과 수업료의 일부 ($350) 을 지불하셔야 입학허가서 (I-20) 를 받을 수 있습니다.
 4. 기숙사 신청은 COLUMBIA 입학이 확인 되면 Columbia ID 를 받은후에 신청 하셔야해요.. 조금 기다리시면 담당이 ID 를 보내드립니다.
 그때 기숙사의 일부 보증금 $300 과 신청서 ( 아직 2004년 발행 안됨) 여권사진 2장 을 준비하세요
 기숙사12주 비용은 약 $4,160 예상 ( 2014년 인상이 없다면)  이며 취사 시설 완비 되어 있습니다.
 5.COLUMBIA 대학교 어학연수의 강도 높은 교육은 이미 다 알려져있습니다.
 6. 2014년 1월에 시작하신다면 지금 스터디데스티니의 신청서를 제출하시면 늦어도 2-3일안에 때로는 그다음 날 즉시 COLUMBIA 담당이 이메일을 보내주어 제가 설명 햇던것을 다시 알려드립니다 ( 절대 틀리지 말아야 할것은 영문이름, 생년월일, 집주소 & 정확한 우편번호와 함께 ( 입학허가서 발송건) 
7. 네 첫 시작은 COLUMBIA 로 시작하니 이 학교로 비자를 받으시면 됩니다. 대체로 12주 신청에도 5년 학생비자를 받을 수 있습니다.
 8. COLUMBIA 대학에서 어학연수가 끝나면 다른 학교로 얼마든지 옮겨 가실 수 있습니다. 그 이후로는 new york 대학도 권하고 싶습니다. ( 큰 이유는 뉴욕대학 프로그램이 너무 좋고 특히 기숙사비용이 거의 반값수준인 840불 정도 입니다)  뉴욕대는 봄과 가을의 기숙사비는 약 2200불이지만 같은 기숙사 일지라도 여름은 이렇게 저렴하며 룸 메이트가 뉴욕대학교 학생일 가능성이 80% 입니다)   아니면 계속해서 columbia 대학에서 공부 하셔도 됩니다.  9. 입학허가서를 받기까지는 신청일로부터 2주 -4주 정도 소요됩니다.

Image 2017-10-23 15:51:26



コロンビア大学付属のアメリカン・ランゲージ・プログラム(American Language Program: ALP)は1911年に創設され、米国内で最も歴史の古いESLプログラムの一つとして数えられています。


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  • Classquality

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  • School Facility, atmosphere

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  • Faculty&school's counselor

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  • Outdoor Activity

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  • Accommodation quality

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  • Review (4.7)

여름 컬럼비아 대학 Advanced Academic Prepartion
  • Classquality

  • Review (5)
  • School Facility, atmosphere

  • Review (5)
  • Faculty&school's counselor

  • Review (5)
  • Outdoor Activity

  • Review (5)
  • Accommodation quality

  • Review (5)

  • Review (5)

Image 2013-10-11 18:00:33


Columbia University Academic Preparation.
This course is available to those who have TOEFL score of 89 over or people who have level 8 or higher study abroad level.
Hello ^^
I am doing well in the lessons.
Fortunately, I got into AAP (Advanced Academic Program) after the writing test. If you don’t pass the test you just get into a normal class. There are total students of 12 and 18 hours of lessons per week. There is one lead teacher and one assistant teacher.
Just letting you know, my lead teacher is very kind and professional and knows what he is teaching. But the assistant is not experienced so he is not as good as him. This lesson is based on writing. You read short essay, you debate about it and write it something out of it.
You also choose an essay topic and write it before the lesson finishes based on the lecture. You also get to do some presentations and they correct the parts where you did wrong to each of the students. Therefore, this is very useful to those who will be studying in English in the universities.
여름 컬럼비아 대학 Advanced Academic Prepartion 과정 참가후기입니다. 참고로 이과정은 컬럼비아 대학 어학연수 레벨 8이상이거나 TOEFL 89점 이상인 경우에 지원이 가능합니다.

처음에 가서 writing test를 한다음 다행히 AAP(Advanced Academic Program)에 배정되었습니다.
test에 통과하지 못하면 일반코스로 가게되더라구요.
학생수는 현재 총 12명이고
수업은 주당 18시간입니다.
lead teacher외에 한명이 더 같이 배정되어 있습니다.
참고로 저의 반에서는 lead teacher가 매우 친절하고 프로페셔널하여 어떻게 가르칠지를 잘 아는 베테랑이십니다.하지만 다른 한분은 아직 경험이 많이 없는 분이고 그 수업은 그렇게 알차진 않은 것 같습니다.
이 수업은 writing이 기본이 되서
짧은 에세이를 읽고 거기에 대해 토론하고 에세이를 쓰고 교정을 해줍니다.
그리고 페이퍼 주제를 하나 정해서 수업이 끝나기전까지 페이퍼 쓰는 방법에 대한 강의를 바탕으로 자신의 주제한 리서치를 한후 양식에 맞게 작성한 후 페이퍼를 제출해야됩니다.
그리고 프리젠테이션도 하면서 틀린 부분, 교정해야 할 부분을 학생들 한명한명에게 알려줍니다. 이런 부분이 좀 특화되어 있는 것 같습니다. 즉, 영어로 공부하게 될 외국인 대학생들에겐 유익한 수업이 될 것 같습니다.
夏のコロンビア大学Advanced Academic Prepartionコース参加レビューです。参考までに、このプロセスはコロンビア大学の語学研修レベル8以上かTOEFL 89点以上の場合に授業を受ける事ができます。

こんにちは^ ^
最初にwriting testを受けて幸いなことにAAP ( Advanced Academic Program )に割り当てられました。
lead teacher他にもう一人先生がいらっしゃいました。
ちなみに、私のクラスのead teacherがとても親切でプロフェッショナルでどのように教えるかをよく知っているベテランに方なのですが、もう一人の先生は経験が少ない様でどの様に授業を進めるは模索中の様です。
このクラスは、 writingが基本となって

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