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Bell Language School NewYork

Bell Language School NewYork

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School Info

Basic information

  • Enrollment
  • 50students
  • Airport Pickup
  • Yes
  • Telephone
  • +1 718-998-6060
  • Fax
  • +1 718-998-0602
  • Address
  • 1535 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11230, USA


  • Urban
  • Off-campus Residence
  • Private language school

Why This School?

  • - Bello language School can offer invaluable life-long international experience and new opportunities in your career
    - This school may give students great opportunity to get an international educational and professional experience

Bell Language School NewYork About the

  • Bell Language School offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses in the United States for everyone willing to learn American English abroad. Our ESL school in New York has been providing quality and affordable education for over 15 years. Thousands of our students have successfully enrolled in American Colleges and Universities to continue to study abroad. Our graduates successfully use American English language skills acquired at Bell Language School in their everyday life and professional endeavors both in the U.S. and abroad. Students at Bell Language School have a unique opportunity to live and study abroad, in New York, the unofficial capital of the world, and get a bite of the Big Apple while improving American English at one of the best New York language schools in New York. Studying at Bell Language School is a great opportunity to practice and improve your American English language skills with American native speaking teachers, live in the largest metropolitan of the world, experience professional and business communications with native speakers, meet new people, and make new friends from around the world. Learning English in New York with Bell Language School - is not just learning American English abroad; it is an invaluable life-long international experience and new opportunities in your career.For those students who plan to study English abroad and continue to receive higher education in the United States, Bell Language School offers a specifically designed program to prepare foreign students for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), necessary for the admission to any American college or university. We not only tell students how to learn English to better prepare for the TOEFL exam, but also help to choose a college or university that best fits your goals and opportunities to continue study abroad. We assist our graduates with a smooth transfer to American colleges and universities.

Course Information

  • Curriculum :
    Intensive English Program (IEP) offers Main or Elective English Language courses for all those willing to study English in the U.S.A., regardless of the level of language proficiency.  Intensive ESL Program - includes 4 levels (Basic, Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced) and focuses on five key language skills: reading, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar. You can start learning American English at any level based on your placement test taken at our ESL school in New York.

    Intensive English Program is offered at 8 levels of instruction; level 1(At the conclusion of Basic Grammar, Part 1, students will possess the necessary grammatical foundation that they will need to communicate effectively at the basic level, in English, in all four language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.Basic Conversation, Part 1, is an integrated skills, theme-based course that is designed to help students become familiar with the basic communicative skills and strategies that are needed when living in a large city, such as New York. This course will also help students gain confidence in their English speaking abilities, encouraging them to expand their knowledge of spoken English both within and beyond the classroom setting.) is the most elementary level while Level 8 (At the conclusion of Advanced Grammar, Part 2, students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills will reflect their knowledge of advanced level English structures. Academic writing skills are emphasized, as a secondary goal of this course is to prepare students for more advanced studies in the U.S.By the completion of Advanced Conversation, Part 2, students will speak with a high level of fluency and accuracy on a wide variety of familiar and unfamiliar topics. Students will feel confident in their speaking abilities and be able to converse with fluent English speakers, using culturally appropriate communicative strategies.) is the most advanced.
    Upon their arrival, are required to take a placement test to help determine the level best-suited to their ability. At the end of the session, students are evaluated for advancement to the next level based upon their academic improvement. This program assists students at any ability level in developing English language skills, general communication skills, and building confidence when speaking. Instruction focuses on grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Each week, academic objectives are planned in advance and discussed with the students. Outside of the classroom, students have opportunities to participate in arranged activities, practice their English in real-life situations.

Course Information

Class size 10 Students Schedule 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 Weeks
Course Level 8 level VISA Info I-20 Issued Upon Request
Minimum age 16 Accommodation Off-campus Residence


  • N/A

Course Schedule

2025-01-27 2025-01-20 2025-01-13 2025-01-06
2024-12-30 2024-12-23 2024-12-16 2024-12-09
2024-12-02 2024-11-25 2024-11-18 2024-11-11
2024-11-04 2024-10-28 2024-10-21 2024-10-14
2024-10-07 2024-09-30 2024-09-23 2024-09-16
2024-09-09 2024-09-02 2024-08-26 2024-08-19
2024-08-12 2024-08-05 2024-07-29 2024-07-22
※ From the Course Starting Dates 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48Weeks(month) Choose



School's Admin fee (USD)$ 100
6 Week 12 Week 18 Week 24 Week 30 Week
(USD)$ 890 (USD)$ 1,170 (USD)$ 1,750 (USD)$ 2,330 (USD)$ 2,910
36 Week 42 Week Week Week Week
(USD)$ 3,490 (USD)$ 4,070


Housing Placement fee
Accommodation Fee
Terms Homestay On-Campus Dorm/residence Off-Campus residence
Weekly (USD)$ 150 - 200

Airport Pickup

Airport Pickup (USD)$ 75
Other Charges

Remarks / Other Information

  • * Dates and Fees are approximate and may change without prior notice.



  • Bell Language School does not own a dormitory, however we present our students with several housing options. Though Bell Language School doesn't accept any payments for housing (students will pay directly to the hosts), we are happy to assist our students with their housing arrangements. Students may also contact these housing facilities directly. Dormitories we recommend have proven to be reputable, clean, and close to the school.

Surrounding Area

  • Because our school is located in Brooklyn, our students enjoy low apartment rentals, convenient access to beaches, and neighborhoods rich in history and cultural diversity. Traveling around the city is not a problem because public transportation is easily accessible and can take you to any of the five boroughs of New York City, including Manhattan, which is located only 20 minutes from school if you take public transportation.


  • Student's lounge, study room, computer lab

National Mix

  •  Our students come from all over the world (91 countries in our 10 years of operation) and the majority of them are in their 20’s.


FAQ Questions

Contact the school
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미국 대학을 진학하려고 하는데
Q.안녕하세요 저는 미국에 있는 대학교에 진학하고자 하는 학생입니다.
미국 대학을 진학하기 위해서는 여러 필요한 점수들이 많이 있는걸로 아는데요
우선 토플 점수를 따야하는데 미국에서 직접 공부하려고 합니다.
벨 랭귀지 스쿨에서 기본적인 정규 프로그램 외에 토플 수업을 하는 수업이 있나 궁금해서 여쭤봅니다.

A. 안녕하세요. 벨 랭귀지 스쿨에서는 말씀하신 것 처럼 토플 수업을 하는 수업이 있습니다.
이 뿐 아니라 대학 준비 과정을 위한 커리큘럼이나 비즈니스를 위한 수업,
미국의 문화등을 배우는 수업들도 있답니다.
학생께서 잘 맞는 수업을 선택하여 수강하시면 될 것 같습니다.

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ベルランゲージスクールは1994年に 語学学校として設立され、ニューヨーク州教育省から認可された語学学校です。 

ベルランゲージスクールはニューヨーク の中のブルックリンに位置しております。
ご存知の通り、ブルックリンは街並みも美しく豊かな歴史と文化のあふれる街、最近では特に若いミュージシャンや アーティストの集まるお洒落な街として雑誌などでも取り上げられております。
当校はミッドウッドと呼ばれる比較的アパートの家賃など生活費もお安く、周り にはたくさんのレストランもあり治安の良いエリアにございます。
また、30分程で観光や社会的、ビジネス的にも大変重要で魅力的な世界の大都市マンハッタ ンまで行けるということも魅力のひとつです。

当校のドアを一歩入っていただくと、当 校の心地良くまたアットホームな雰囲気を感じていただけます。
教師、スタッフ、ともに、生徒さんのニューヨークでの学生生活を充実したものにしていただけ るよう努力しております。授業の合間の休憩時間には、教師が丁寧に生徒さんの質問に答えている姿を常に見ることができます。


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  • School Facility, atmosphere

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지난 여름에 다녀왔습니다.

우선 학교가 뉴욕에 위치해 있지만 중심부로부터 조금 떨어져있어서 
물가나 홈스테이 비용(기숙사가 없어서 홈스테이 했어요),
생활비 등이 상당히 절약될 수 있다는 점이 좋았습니다. 또한 대도시에서 많이 떨어지지 않았기 때문에
혼자서 대중교통을 이용해서 맨하탄을 구경할 수도 있었구요

수업을 따라가는 것도 별 다른 어려움 없었네요
완벽히 영어를 구사하지 못해도 다 이해해주시고 
열심히 따라가려고 노력했습니당

짧게 반년정도 미국에 있다가 왔지만 공부하는 것 외에도
새로운 환경에서 생활해보는것이 좋았습니다.

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  • Classquality

  • Review (5)
  • School Facility, atmosphere

  • Review (4)
  • Faculty&school's counselor

  • Review (4)
  • Outdoor Activity

  • Review (4)
  • Accommodation quality

  • Review (5)

  • Review (4.4)

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