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  Crown Institute of Studies 
Off-campus Residence
Vocational school-based Program
Location : NewZealand > Auckland Establishment : 1972
Enrollment : 150 Airport Pickup : Yes
  10-14 Lorne Street Auckland New Zealand
Contact Info
  Telephone : +64 9 357 3191   Fax : +64 9 357 3166
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- Our team of native-speaking student counsellors will look after you from your first day in New Zealand.
- Combine options for a study path that is just right for you
- Earn university credits, or train for a career in business, hospitality or travel and tourism at Crown
Top Native Language by Center
Crown Institute of Studies hosts 152 students around the world every year. Japan 39 %, Latin America 15 %, Korea 13 %, Europe 9 %, China 8 %, Vietnam 7 %, Middle East 7 %, Taiwan 2 %, Thailand 2 %, Other 0 %
  About the Crown Institute of Studies
Establishment 1972, Crown Institute of Studies, Crown – for forty years one of New Zealand’s leading schools. Locally owned and proudly independent, our style is professional and friendly. We offer excellent programmes in English Language, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and Business. Our strong relationship with the business community continues to develop, and Crown is recognised as a quality leader by New Zealand and international employers. A magical country with a mild climate, a first class education system, and a cost of living lower than the US, UK and Australia. A place to grow, where your English will improve more quickly while you enjoy living among our friendly people. a wonderful place to study. Our largest city, with over one million people, where exciting city life meets beautiful nature. Auckland regularly features in international surveys as one of the best cities in the world in which to live and study.for over forty years one of New Zealand’s leading schools. We know New Zealand and its people. Our style is professional and friendly. Our aim is to help you succeed. Crown Institute values honesty and integrity, and is customer focused at all times.
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