Recommended School

TMC Academy -Singapore Hawthorn Language School


University of California Davis UC Davis Extension

The high skill English programs, offered by UC Davis, have a concentrated 10 weeks English course and for those who scored over 80 in TOEFL will have a chance to take summer courses.

International Language Centre (ILC) Hong Kong


Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre


Jinan University


University of Victoria English Language Centre

In 2007~8, Maclean’s magazine selected it as the best university, and in 2010, it was also ranked as top 1% for the best 100 universities in the world.

Institut Linguistique Adenet (I.L.A.) montpellier


Griffith College Dublin(GIL) - Ireland Griffith Institute of Language


The Chinese University of Hong Kong CUHK Yale-China Chinese Language Centre

1. 여권사본 2. 최종학력성적증명서 영문 3. 영문은행잔고증명 1000만원이상 잔고증명 본인 아닐시추가접수 (1) 잔고증빙서류인 여권사본 (2) 가족관계증명서 (3) 재정보증약정서

Goethe Institut Berlin


Beijing Film Academy international of beijing film academy


LSI Language School - Auckland


ILSC New Delhi


Clubclass English Language School in Malta


Auckland University of Technology (AUT) International House


Selkirk College English Language Program (ESL/ELP)

1. 지원서 - 양식첨부했습니다.  2. 지원비 100불결제 링크  3. 고등학교 졸업증명서, 성적증명: Apply.EducationPlannerBC  대학학력이 있다면, 졸업증명서, 성적증명서  4. 여권사본  5. Authorization of Release of Student Information (유학원을 통하시는 경우만)
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