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  London School of business & finance Singapore(LSBF) 
Off-campus Residence
Vocational school-based Program
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Enrollment : 4000 Airport Pickup : No
  Springleaf Tower, 3 Anson Road, #06-01, Singapore 079909
Contact Info
  Telephone : +65 6580 7721   Fax : +65 6438 2478
  Website : http://www.lsbf.edu.sg
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- 2 campuses are in Tanjong Parga, which is the centre of the most influential financial district in Singapore.
- Only five minutes apart from the down town and very close of MRT.
- Provides the best learning environment by excellent faculty, and produces ACCA winners every year.
- Free on-line courses are provided and state-of-the-art facilities equipped in every classroom.
- In less than three years of its establishment, its excellence and reliability approved by EduTrust, a quality guarantee program of Singapore’s private schools.
Conditional Admission
- Oxford Brookes University
- Teeside University
- Concordia University Chicago
  London School of business & finance Singapore(LSBF)About the
London School of business and finance is one of the world’s fastest growing schools, accredited by ACCA, CAT its excellence in business and accounting programs. With the support of Prince Michael, the school has produced more than 38,000 outstanding individuals who are from 150 different countries. The school has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and excellent, experienced faculty provides organized and interesting classes. There are 12 Global campuses(Manchester, Birmingham, Singapore, Toronto and etc) of the principal school in London Queen’s Award and letters of appreciation awarded.
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