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  Dorset College - Ireland 
Off-campus Residence
Private language school
Enrollment : 250 Airport Pickup : Yes
  International Office, 58 Great Charles Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.
Contact Info
  Telephone : +353 (1) 8306129   Fax : +353 (1) 8308079
  Website : http://www.dorset-college.ie/
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- Excellent facilities and a unique campus atmosphere
- Wide range of programmes to suit all levels
- Accessible by all modes of public transport to all areas of the city
Top Native Language by Center
Latin America 40%, European 35%, Asian 5%, Korean 2%, Others 20%
  Dorset College - IrelandAbout the
Dorset College Dublin, founded in 1983 is a well-established educational provider with the English language school located in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, beside the beautiful Mountjoy Square park. Situated only 10 minutes walk from O'Connell Street, one of Europe’s widest thoroughfares, the College is accessible by all modes of public transport to all areas of the city. Dorset College offers a flexible and extensive range of high quality English Language Programmes. These include Standard General English, Intensive General English, Pre-Foundation English,Business English, Examination Preparation, Specialist English and the TEFL Teacher Training courses. We aim to provide the best language training possible and we constantly seek to enhance the learning experience of students. These include General English, Business English, English for Examinations, Specialist English and the TEFL CELT Teacher Training course recognised by ACELS.  At Dorset College, our portfolio of internationally recognised exams  that students can study towards include the TIE exam, Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE, CPE)  , IELTS exam, TOEIC test and TOEFL exam.
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