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  CES Centre of English Studies Dublin 
Off-campus Residence
Private language school
Enrollment : 234 Airport Pickup : Yes
  31 Dame Street Dublin 2 Ireland
Contact Info
  Telephone : +353-1-671-4233   Fax : +353-1-671-4425
  Website : http://ces-schools.com/Dublin
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- First English language schools in Ireland
- Surrounded by all of the best shops, restaurants and cultural attractions
- Voted 'Star English Language School' in Europe by the Language Travel Magazine in 2007
Top Native Language by Center
Enrollment is 234. Italy 19%, Spain 15%, Saudi 12%, Brazilian 8%, Kuwait 8%, Japan 5%, Swiss 5%, German 4%, Others 10%.
  CES Centre of English Studies DublinAbout the
CES has over 30 years’ experience in English language training and the school has earned an international reputation for the care and attention that each of the students receives. During the stay, the school will ensure that students receive the highest level of quality teaching and service. Founded in 1976, CES is a group of private English language schools committed to providing the highest quality English language training experience. For over 30 years, CES has specialized in teaching English to foreign students, professionals and visitors from all around the world and continues to significantly improve their English skills and prepare them for success, whether at an institution for higher learning, in a professional setting or for personal satisfaction. CES’s rigorous curriculum focuses on developing students’ fundamental English skills in the areas of: Grammar, Writing, Conversation, Pronunciation, Listening, Reading and Vocabulary. Today, the centres are located in 4 attractive European cities, including London, Oxford and Worthing in England and Dublin in Ireland. The school offers independent students exposure to different cross-cultural ideas in a vibrant living environment that will deepen English communication skills and cultural understanding. Students enjoy a strong academic framework that helps them to learn quickly and efficiently. Each centre offers a comfortable learning environment equipped to support students in their studies. The school is a friendly and inclusive place that encourages students during lessons and outside the classroom. CES is the only school in Dublin or Ireland to have been nominated 5 years in a row. CES was a founder member of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) and is accredited by ACELS and EAQUALS. CES is now also an IELTS Test centre. The school offers twice monthly tests as well as monthly courses. CES Dublin is also a member of Dublin Tourism, Tourism Ireland, Dublin Chamber of Commerce and the Small Firms Association of Ireland. Over the last 30 years CES has seen more than 40,000 students from over 55 countries come through the doors. Whether it be for a Standard General English course, English for Specific purposes or an exam course to help improve students employment chances CES will have the course for them. The school's motto is: Care - Excellence - Success.
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