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Private language school
Enrollment : 120 Airport Pickup : Yes
  #250-815 West Hastings Street BC V6C 1B4 Vancouver Canada
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  Telephone : +41 44 485 50 40
  Website : http://www.eurocentres.com/en/language-school-vancouver
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- Eurocentres provides an innovative learning program that international students have been using for more than 60 years.
- Eurocentres offers a top-quality language education in an affordable cost.
- Eurocentres' longstanding experience has helped and led many international students to success.
- Many eurocentres' campuses take place in central locations, offering students a vivid experience.
Top Native Language by Center
Eurocentres-Vancouver boasts an international student body. 17% of its students are from the Western Europe, followed by 2% that come from Eastern Europe, 27% from Asia, 39% from Latin America and 14% from the Middle East.
  Eurocentres-VancouverAbout the
Established in 1960, Eurocentres has been serving international students for about 55 years. Acknowledging the value of learning a new language, Eurocentres puts great effort in selecting students' accommodation options, classrooms, course curriculum, instructors and studying environment in order to make students' studying abroad experiences worthwhile. As a result, Eurocentres schools are always awarded with remarkable outcomes. Many international students choose Eurocentres as the school's promising system promises a bright future. Eurocentres combines extensively-trained instructors with state-of-the-art technologies in order to make classroom lessons innovative. Eurocentres has also launched six new campuses, offering students with even more dynamic opportunities. The school yearns to become a place where international students meet and share their backgrounds and culture, a place where the world meets.
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