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  Global Village English Centres Vancouver (GVEC) 
Off-campus Residence
Private language school
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Enrollment : 100 Airport Pickup : Yes
  888 Cambie Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2P6 Canada
Contact Info
  Telephone : 604 684 2112   Fax : 604 684 2124
  Website : http://www.gvenglish.com/schools/canada/vancouver.html#school
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- GV's Vancouver campus offers a sociable and lively atmosphere.
- Vancouver campus specializes in General English Program for international students.
- GV Vanoucver has great variety of student body from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
- Vancouver school has two campuses in the Gastown and Yaletown area.
National Mix
Global Village's students come from Japan, Switzerland, Korea, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan, Sweden, Columbia, Hungary, Russia and much more. GV's student body is formed by unique international students.
  Global Village English Centres Vancouver (GVEC)About the
Since its establishment in 1989, Global Village English Centres pursues superb English education in all of its global campus: Hawaii, Victoria, Vancouver,Calgary and Toronto. GV is a private language institution that wholly understands its students' needs and wants.GV promotes its “GV360°" which promises students the best care in Academics, Accommodation and Activities. As the school understands every student has his or her personal goals and aims, GV provides trained, professional and experienced staff support. Global Village Centres of English-Vancouver offers two charming campuses at Yaletown and Gastown. Both school grounds are closely located to downtown Vancouver with antique shops, restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes. With Vancouver's efficient public transportation system, students will be able to explore the lively city. GV's homestay program is great for student who want to experience the local Canadian atmosphere while off-campus residencies are ideal for students looking for more privacy and independence. Accredited by CLC, GV has its courses organized in different levels, from Beginner to Advanced,  in order to place students in classes that suit their English proficiency. Its curriculum also emphasizes English education in various aspects including speaking, grammar, listening, reading and vocabulary. With the school's strict English Only Policy, state-of-the-art facilities, various accommodation and course options, top-class instructors and full-day activities, students will make an unforgettable experience at Global Village Centres of English.
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