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 Why Study Destiny?
Design Your Own Study Abroad Plans

With StudyDestiny, you can apply to your desired school directly using our online Application Form. Study Destiny Website is for the independent international students who want to go abroad by themselves without study abroad agency's help. You are able to search your desired schools through the website and apply for the courses without any cost or hidden fee. Once you applying for any course, your application will process with oversee counselor.
 Online Application
 Using our on-line Application
With Study Destiny, you can apply to your desired schools directly using our Online Application Form. Our system will review your application and check it for any missing or inaccurate information. If there is a problem, we will let know what needs to be fixed so you can be sure your application is sent fully complete and accurate. Once your application is submitted, Study Destiny will send you an email confirming your application has been successfully sent to the school of your choice.
 Advantage of online application
① It's easier than submit the application via fax or mailing and you can save time.
② You can save your money from agency fees and sending fees.
③ You can trust and safer than mailing.
④ It's more efficient as website reviews all your information.
⑤ You can check your progress while preparing for study abroad.

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